The Power of Small Increments, with Vanessa Kettner

I do love it when listeners get in touch, which happens nearly every day. When Vanessa Kettner got in touch and we traded emails, it quickly became apparent that she had something to offer all of us, so I invited her on, specifically to talk about something she calls The Seinfeld Trick, or the power of small increments.

The Power Of Small Increments

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Beeswax & Ropes: A Framework For Good Decisions, Part 1

I can’t spend this much time looking at Behavioural Finance without bringing in the wisdom of Greg Davies, until recently Head of Behavioural Quant Finance at Barclays Bank and now founder of Centapse, a firm dedicated to applying sophisticated behavioural insight to help people (and organisations) make better decisions. My original interview with him happened back in May last year and is still my favourite ever interview here on MeaningfulMoney. In it, Greg speaks of having a framework for making good financial decisions.

Beeswax and ropes: a framework for good decisions

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Seven Common Money Mistakes (And How To Avoid Them)

Last week we asked some searching questions in a bid to know ourselves a little better when it comes to our relationship with money. This week I want to look at some common money mistakes and how to avoid them. That way, we might have a chance of seeing these mistakes coming, and maybe just side-step them before they derail us.

Common Money Mistakes

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What is Behavioural Finance and why does it matter?

In the course of my work as a financial adviser, I have become more and more aware over the years that my job is as much about counselling and coaching as it is about knowing the financial stuff. I have watched people make bad financial decisions, against my advice of course, and seen people rewarded for making good decisions. In recent years I’ve become aware of the term behavioural finance and come to understand a little about it. But what is behavioural finance, and why does it matter to you?

What is behavioural finance

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MMP174: The Feel Rich Project, with Michael F. Kay

In this episode, I chat to Michael F. Kay, a Certified Financial Planner from the US and author of a new book called the Feel Rich Project. I was approached by Michael’s people and offered a pre-release version of the book. Prior to the interview, I had skimmed it, but since I have read it properly, and it’s a great read, not least because it’s a great reminder to keep money its place. I think you’ll enjoy this interview.

The Feel Rich Project

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