MMP137: Making More Money

I’ve talked lots on this podcast about budgeting and money management. I’ve encapsulated this in one of my three steps to financial freedom: spend less than you earn. But there are two ways of thinking about that little sentence. What if, instead of spending less than you earn, you earn more than you spend? In today’s show I’ll look at some ways for making more money…

Session 137 - Making More Money

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Always learning…

Today I listened to the always-excellent Smart Passive Income podcast. In this particular episode, Pat Flynn interviewed Joseph Michael, creator of, a course which, unsurprisingly, helps folk to learn Scrivener fast. If you don’t know, Scrivener is an app for planning, researching and executing on long-form writing projects like books. I love the software, so I knew I’d enjoy the podcast. In it, one line from Joseph stood out.

Always learning

He said that he often watches his own videos to re-learn stuff about the software he uses all the time. I actually laughed out loud, which, as I was listening on headphones when walking the dog, got me some funny looks from passers-by.

I laughed, because I do that all the time!

MMP136: Setting Multiple Goals

If you have more than one end goal for your investing, it can confuse your plans a little. Should you have separate investment pots for each goal? Different portfolio risk strategies? How to go about setting multiple goals is a question I was asked by one of the respondents to my 2015 listener survey, so I thought I’d strike while the proverbial iron is hot, and answer this one right away…

Setting multiple goals

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Financial Ignorance and mortgage overpayment

I recently watched the show Britain’s Spending Secrets, in which the always-good-value Ann Robinson probed into the differing financial habits of different levels of UK society. It was a really good piece of journalism, I thought, which didn’t shy away from asking some pretty difficult questions of the people featured.

Financial Ignorance

My favourites were the family (I’ll call them the Joneses) who bought a £190 pair of Tiffany sunglasses for their 14 year old daughter. Accompanying the Joneses on their spending spree was the mother of another family (The Smiths), who lived on a third of the income of the Joneses and yet was overpaying her mortgage diligently every month.

When informed of this, Mrs Jones scoffed and said to Mrs Smith words along the lines of: “A mortgage is a mortgage. My mortgage company won’t get a penny more out of me; I’m going to enjoy my money.”