Brexit, Grexit or the Fire Exit?

Justin Urquhart Stewart of 7IM visited Penzance last week and gave a seminar with the above title to invited professional connections and clients of my financial planning practice, Jacksons Wealth Management.


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Justin also came on the podcast in Session 150, so if you want a more succinct version listen to that. But if you have an hour and want to learn about what’s going on in the world – check out the master presenter at work – enjoy!

MMP160 – When to seek financial advice

This whole website is dedicated to giving you enough information that never need to take financial advice. But there are points during all our lives, when the money spent on getting good quality advice will be worth many times the cost of advice. What are those triggers that let you know when to seek financial advice, and how do you recognise them?

Session 160 - When to seek financial advice

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MMP159: Getting on the housing ladder with Shared Ownership

With rising house prices and tight mortgage lending criteria, it can be harder than ever for first time house buyers to make that first step onto the housing ladder. Fortunately, Her Majesty’s government is riding to the rescue 😉 This week I’m going to be talking to listener Simon Hancock, who knows this market inside out, having recently gone through the process himself…

Getting on to the housing ladder

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Celebrating Half a Million Downloads

Half a million! That is a big number, by any reckoning. But for a UK-based show about money, broadcast from a cupboard in Penzance, that’s a VERY big number indeed.

half a million downloads

The first episode was released into the wild on the 17th November 2012, and 35 people downloaded it that day. Only last Wednesday I had a record day for downloads, with 1,724 downloads that day.

So there are lots of you out there, listening each week. Not only do the numbers tell me that, but as an audience, you are more engaged now than ever; emailing me, leaving comments on the site, even leaving the odd voicemail after years of me pleading with you to do that!

MMP158: What’s next for property?

The government has handed down some tough new rules for landlords and property investors to swallow. So what does this mean for property investing going forward? Is property still a good asset class to include in your portfolio? This week I’m bringing back friends of the show and property investment legends, Rob Bence and Rob Dix from The Property Podcast who are going to tell us about what’s next for property investors.

What's Next For Property Investors?

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MMP157: Making Money Online in 2016

Back in session 137 I talked about different ways to have more money to invest for your future, from asking for a raise to some basic online methods such as renting out a room on Airbnb. This week, I want to delve into this a little further, because there has never been a better time to start making money online in 2016.

Making Money Online in 2016

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